Frequently asked questions

Is European equipment strong and robust enough for North American sawmills?

-          We firmly believe Springer-Microtec equipment is able to stand up to the demands of North American sawmills. We have over 1500 equipment installations worldwide, processing a wide variety of wood species and log sizes. Many installations have been running trouble- free for over 20 years and are evidence of the durability of our products.

Am I supported 24/7?

-          Yes. Springer-Microtec is uniquely qualified to provide support when you need it. We have support personnel in a variety of different time zones around the world, allowing us to ensure that engineering and support staff are always available to help you.

Does Springer-Microtec provide turnkey solutions?

-          We are a full range service provider for sawmill equipment. This means we design and engineer any of our equipment components either into your existing sawmill, or we can provide fully designed and engineered sawmills, planer mills or secondary manufacturing plants which meet your specifications.

Will Springer-Microtec equipment work with North American voltage and electrical supply requirements and regulations?

-          Yes. Our electrical components are sourced to ensure voltage/frequency match North American supply requirements and meet the necessary electrical product certifications.

What maintenance requirements are there for Springer-Microtec equipment?

-          We are proud to say our equipment has been designed to require a minimum of maintenance. Our target has always been to provide simple and efficient equipment that does the job with a minimum amount of complexity. We work to continuously improve the process is to find and eliminate parts that are high maintenance to our customers.

Does Springer-Microtec offer training and service contracts?

-          We offer training both on-site and in a classroom environment at our head office for new installations and ongoing training for existing installations. We also offer “fitness checks”, where Springer-Microtec personnel do a comprehensive on-site review of the installation and create a report recommending part replacement, if required, and highlight any issues with the status and productivity of the plant.

Can you rely on Springer-Microtec in the long run?

-          Absolutely. We’ve been around for more than 50 years and plan to be around for many more.  We have built a company of dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to providing service and support for our over 1500 customers worldwide.

How do I get more information?

-          Call us anytime during office hours at 604-879-4628. We are happy to discuss any application, big or small, and explain how our products can help your business grow.

-          You can also visit our websites anytime at,, and

What makes Springer-Microtec a unique sawmill equipment supplier?

-Our focus is innovation.  Our extensive Research and Development team work tirelessly at generating new ideas and rethinking existing solutions to continuously improve our products.  We have the added benefit of designing and producing all of our most critical parts in-house. A unique example of this is our own CROMETiC camera, which we have designed ourselves specifically for sawmill scanning applications. Our camera is used in all of our scanning heads, and is the fastest camera available on the market. Complete ownership and control of the supply chain allows us to offer competitive pricing and guarantee the quality of our products.


Preventive maintenance:  System Fitness Check

System Fitness Check