An innovative lug loader for mixed board dimensions which can be integrated in all existing lumber processing lines.

- Reduced downtime
- Increased lug fill rate
- Careful material handling
- Reduced maintenance costs as wear is kept to a minimum within the entire system
- Precise and dependable operation with both square and wane edge lumber

- Can be retrofitted into all existing lumber processing lines
- Small installation footprint
- Fast installation times

- Controlled acceleration of the boards along the entire allocation process
- Board surfaces and edges remain intact
- Simultaneous and reliable allocation of boards of different dimensions

“With this new feeder concept we have placed particular focus on the optimization of sawmills producing different dimensions on the same production line. The efficiency of the process is increased substantially with the E-Feeder simultaneously handling all products produced in the sawing line.”
Gero Springer, CEO at Springer Microtec North America.

Video: E-FEEDER 200 lug loader

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