Screw Technology

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Proven technology is the basis for the reliable operation of every production line. Our screw technology is suitable for high-speed feeding of log sorting and saw lines and for smooth transfer to the receiving conveyor.

Do you have problems singulating logs? The Springer Screw unscrambler is designed to improve this process with a simple low maintenance concept, avoiding double-ups and empty lugs, handling crooked and broken logs, and allowing debris and broken pieces to fall through the gaps between the screws.

The system combines the functions of singulation, alignment and acceleration in the longitudinal direction, while at the same time ensuring lower maintenance and dramatically lower power consumption.

The Screw technology works reliably with all species, including SPF, Intermountain species mix, Southern Yellow Pine and Radiata Pine.

"The screw technology turned out to be our favored solution - a chainless system makes sense in terms of keeping maintenace costs low. We expect significant improvements in productivity as well as lower conversion costs as a result of the investment."  Barry Hutchins, Roseburg Forest Products

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Springer Screw Technology



The UNSCRAMBLER with helical screw rolls singulates the logs and can be fitted with an integrated Stop-end chain on the zero end which ensures smooth even ending of the logs.



The SCREW FEEDER is the heart of the line – a patented log allocation unit which aligns, singulates and accelerates the logs in the longitudinal direction as they are loaded onto the receiving conveyor. It has a modular design – individual modules can also be incorporated in existing lines.

Springer Screw Conveyor System



The screw conveyor transfers logs without the need of chains and it is fitted with a rigid-coated strop wall.