Full true shape scanning and breakdown optimization

Software for production planning, calculation of value-optimized sawing pattern and production control.

The Maxicut determines the best sawing pattern for breakdown based on the data from the log measurement system. Maxicut operates with data from all Microtec log measurement systems, from 3D based volume optimization through to full final product value optimization with CT Log. The computer builds the sawing patterns using the products defined and activated by the operator and guarantees that all specifications given for the products that compose the pattern are met.

The software can operate with both rigid and flexible lines, using either fixed cutting patterns or using two different kinds of optimizations depending on the capabilities of the sawing line:

• Variable cutting pattern optimizing from the outside (edge surfaces) to the inside (center)

• Global optimization (variable cutting pattern optimizing for maximum volume)

Whether it be volume or value optimization, Maxicut allows you to make the most out of your valuable resource.

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Maxicut log optimization scanning
Maxicut scanning optimization by Microtec