Our office in Vancouver services our North American clients locally - fast and reliable information, no limited time windows for communication and no language barriers Our wide range of innovative products covers both mechanical and electronic equipment for sawmills and wood processing industries.

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Springer Microtec Northamerica


SPRINGER, based in Friesach/Austria, is Europe‚Äôs leading manufacturer of machinery and conveyor systems for the wood processing industry. It is focused on the manufacturing of log yards, lumber sorting lines,  planer mills and mechanizing solutions.

Springer is doing business worldwide with an export rate of up to 90 %. Whereas the traditional markets remain Austria, Germany and France as well as Russia and Scandinavia, the demand for installations in North and South America as well as in Australia has increased significantly. The company is privately-owned and managed by the third generation of the Springer family. 


MiCROTEC is the technology leader in the field of opto-electronics for the wood processing industry and has been setting the standards in this market since 1980. The company has over 20 engineers employed in research and development. They are using the very latest systems and technologies and continuously working at advancing Microtec products to reveal every last detail from both logs and lumber.

Microtec has been part of the Springer group since 2000, with a workforce of over 130 dedicated employees. The company has clients worldwide including over 30 successfully installed scanner solutions in North America.

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